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Davey Bones, DJ/Promoter of The Hanging Garden "Becca is amazing to work with. She really cares about what she is doing and does a great job at it. So, she's got the heart and the skills which is a rare combination. Also, she's just a nice person which means a lot to me...she's easy to work with, responds quickly to requests and generally just kinda kicks butt. I will continue to work with her in the future."
Jack Cutter, Acoustic Guitarist "Becca has an outstanding work ethic. Communication is key and Becca is continually in touch for each step. For a musician's web/social presence, it was vital that the person programming the site understood what was needed specific to an artist's web project. Becca has that sensibility that only a Rocker can command. Our project was a revision to a basic-basic website. The project required implementing social media, web downloads as well as revised look and feel.Becca has a good command of the technology required and can approach the job from programming as well as artistic perspectives. Valuable artistic input is given and, at the same time, Becca can respect the artistic prerogative of the client and work smoothly with the client's design concepts. (Also graciously works with design changes.) It is definitely a pleasure to work with Becca and I highly recommend Becca for any similar project."
Eric Din, The Uptones "If you want Rock n' Roll art, hire a Rock n' Roll artist! After seeing Becca's awesome work on The Gits site, I recently asked her to whip up a graphic for The Fashion Slaves, which she turned around quickly and it was just what we wanted. Becca's a breeze to work, with and she zapped a revision back to me within minutes of our follow up discussion, getting me exactly what I needed well before my deadline. Becca's also helped me with some CSS challenges in the past and I'd recommend her highly for graphic or web design work."
Michael Millet, Broken Rekids "Becca was a dream to have work on my site. She is easy going with a positive, enthusiastic spirit yet professional and artistic minded. She was always willing to do a little extra when needed. The project was done well and on time. Great eye and great ideas!"
Sarah Aguilar Artist/Educator/Mathematician "Pysanky By Sarah" "I am so glad I hired Becca to graphically design my website. She took my business to the next level, clients were impressed and suddenly people started to take me seriously as an artist. Becca really worked with me and listened to what I wanted, took feedback, and made changes the more we started to grasp my vision. I was so happy when I saw my website, and still am. Definitely a good decision to hire Becca Jones-Starr."
Steve Moriarty Gits Music Publishing "She is professional and we plan continue to hire her for projects on an ongoing basis. We have always been completely satisfied with her work. I'm happy to recommend the services of Becca Jones-Starr. She listened carefully to the business owners goals and communicated effectively without insisting on staying in her own comfort zone. She communicated and listened well and executed her project under budget and early."
Paul Freeman journalist/songwriter/frontman for the band "romper" "We consider ourselves incredibly fortunate to have had Becca Jones-Starr handle the design of the debut romper album, "Sifting Through The Rubble." The concept called for a contrast between the cute and the macabre. She captured my vision perfectly. And we've had many compliments on the look of the CD packaging. Becca is talented, imaginative, adaptable and very easy to work with. And her rock 'n' roll sensibility makes her an ideal choice for album projects. I couldn't recommend her more highly. And I'm hoping she'll be available for future romper records."

Wendy Flower singer/songwriter of "Wendy & Bonnie" and solo projects "Becca Jones-Starr did an amazing job on my album "New." The graphics she created for the project are the perfect complement to the paintings that my fine artist friend had done for the front and back covers. Becca designed beautiful inside panels. She is very sensitive to her clients' needs. She works fast and efficiently. I am so glad we found her! I'm looking forward to working with her on future projects. I wish her much success always!"

Graphic designer Miguel A "In a world of instant satisfaction, pop idols that come and go and a musical culture that is as fickle as a flea in an animal shelter, Becca Jones-Starr is a kindred spirit for those thirsty for Rock and Roll! The way it was at the birth of FM radio before the re-emergence of top 40. Her website '' is an all encompassing format to conduct The Great Crusade via the blog 'Fiberglass Jacket' and her loyal podcast 'Rockast' are a loud beacon for relief from todays melodic suicide."

Nicole, Make-Up Artist "Your Beauty's Been Marked" "Becca was awesome to work with. She's a super chill girl who really worked with me and gave me exactly what I wanted. She was very professional and we worked together with each other schedules. She was always very quick to rely to her messages and always let me know when she made changes to my site. I was a bit leary about giving my password out and what not but she was beyond trust worthy and I completely trusted her upon working with her. I hope that I can keep her around and use her for other fun things of my website. She's awesome! I would totally recommend her!"

Long time friend Ashley L "Bite-The-Dust.Com is a creative, well done website about the power of rock music. It is run by dedicated fans, like my friend Becca Jones-Starr, who is as original as they come. She really believes in what she's doing and will make you believe in it to, or even more so than you already do. The site contains many anecdotes from her own like, and also includes my personal favorite, the Rockasts. The Rockasts are easy to listen to podcasts of great music and commentary by Becca that is always interesting. I said once that listening to the Rockasts is like being in the room with Becca listening to the music and hearing her stories, it's intimate. Overall, the site is really different and should be visited by anyone who loves rock n' roll."

Emily D Web & graphic designer "I have had the honor of knowing Becca for over ten years. Through this span of time, we've been both friends and peers. Near the beginning of her exploration into website design, I offered her space on my own personal domain. Since then, I have always been impressed with her knack for website design, sheer determination, and perseverance to stick with whatever project she has going on (no matter what else is happening in her life). For me, website design has mostly been a hobby-something that I haven't stuck with that well. For Becca, website design is a way of life that she is sublimely passionate about.

For over ten years, I've seen her graphical and coding abilities grow exponentially. Her creative pursuits have never dwindled; they've only grown to accommodate and encompass new interests and pursuits she discovers in other aspects of her life. These creative pursuits are often artistic and musical in nature; I know of few other people who are as industrious and excited about all of the work she puts forth professionally as well as personally. She takes pride in everything she does all the while managing to maintain a balance in a way that's near impossible for me. Not only is she a prolific website designer, she puts forth quality work time and time again that just blows me out of the water. To this day, we remain both friends and website design peers and she is always there to help me out with any question I have regarding my own website (and trust me, I've bombarded her with tons of questions). If you have a fond appreciation for music, art, and/or website design, you'll love!"

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