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Local bands

My favorite pastime is going to concerts and shows and soaking up the music. I am lucky to live in an area that doesn't have any shortage of good music around. This page is dedicated to local San Francisco Bay Area bands I am watching and listening to.

I will be updating this page regularly and if you have a local bay area band please email me at While I know there are amazing up and coming bands all over the country I want to keep it simple by narrowing it down to the SF Bay Area in California.

Jack Cutter - "Jack Cutter performs and records solo acoustic steel string guitar played without accompaniment or vocals. The rich tones, woven at various times from folk, classical, Hawaiian slack key and more, at times evokes a contemplative feeling sometimes treading towards the mystical yet accessible. At other times his music presents blues, rock, country and bits of whatever springs out of the guitar from stompin' to soft. Jack currently performs regularly in and around the San Francisco, California Bay Area."

Wolves in Argyle - "Dark alternative rock band hailing from Oakland, CA.As veterans of the International Punk Rock underground for over 30+ years, they have been members of such amazing and cult movement bands such as The GITS, Oozzies, Naked Aggression, and Evil Stig (Joan Jett fronted). In the band: Dave Holmes, Steve Moriarty, Joe Garcia, Josh Phillips."

Solar Maximum - "From the dysfunctional family that brought you Leather Pills and closetLames, it's Solar Maximum, the ultimate drone lords! Experimental psychedelic. Hypnotic bass drones. Avant garde. Astrology. Improvisation. Instrumental. Doom. DIY. Low frequency living. Two basses. solar maximum is: Heather Salazar - astrobass/poetry and Sammy Chong Salazar - fuzzbass/noise." Check out my review of their album "Soundtrack: event I uranian fire".

The Ink Bats - "The Ink Bats are a post-punk/psych/goth-influenced band based in Oakland, California. Together, musically and energetically, The Ink Bats are an alchemic amalgamation of their diverse influences. In their songs you'll here their immense reverence for psychedelic/garage sounds of the 60's, such as the 13th Floor Elevators, Love, and The Folklords; their uninhibited enthusiasm for the unorthodox edginess of post-punk bands of the late 70's and early 80's, such as Wire and early Siouxsie and the Banshees; and their boundless affection for new wave, goth, and classic death rock, like Kate Bush, Killing Joke, and Love and Rockets."

Bands from the San Francisco Bay Area

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