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Credits & Disclaimer is a website with over 1,900 rock and roll fans. Bite The Dust is located at Rock and Roll Headquarters in the San Francisco Bay Area. The site opened in early 2003 to pay tribute to all things rock and roll related and unite rock fans young and old.

The banner of rock stars above was illustrated by Becca Jones-Starr. It features Freddie Mercury, David Bowie, Joey Ramone, Davy Jones and Joan Jett.

    The young people of this generation are being exposed to rock and roll music faster and easier than ever. To the nay sayers who claim "rock an roll is dead" I argue that it couldn't be more alive and well. The community that has been created by Bite The Dust is proof. Despite what most baby boomers think, the largest group of classic rock fans are boys and girls between the ages of 14 and 17.

    Bite The Dust has expanded a lot in the past 14+ years, building websites for bands, creating album covers, writing concert reviews, viral rock memes, and handling band merchandise. Everything we do is related to rock and roll, and discussing it's legacy and impact today.

✔ Check out our music video we did in honor of Joey Ramone's new album "...Ya Know?"
Rock And Roll Is The Answer ♫ Special thanks to Dylan, Sean, Malin and Madison for appearing in the video.

Read the story behind our logos from the beginning until now. I created a simple, gender-ambiguous character in a rock and roll shirt with head phones, using the bic lighter to symbolize carrying the torch. I put the bass guitar on the t-shirt as a nod to the killer bass in the Queen song "Another one bites the dust." On September 23rd 2013 we trademarked our logo.

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This site was purchased from and was hosted at on January 19th 2003. It was a present for my 18th birthday. The site opened February 2nd 2003. I got the domain name idea "" from my favorite band Queen. Bite The Dust: "Rock & roll resurrection" is taken from Wayne County and The Electric Chairs song "Rock & Roll Resurrection." A special thanks to the following people for their help and support over the years: Angie, Emily, Beth, and Allison. Contact forms by Google Docs. Most background patterns on the site and related sites are from

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♫♫ Celebrating our 19th anniversary on January 19th 2022! ♫♫

photo gallery
All images in the photo gallery were photographed by Becca Jones-Starr except the photos albums like "Joey Ramone" and "Rock Pics." I am happy to add credit to the photographer, I just don't know who 99% of them are. If you know who originally took a photograph contact me to let me know and I will give credit. If you notice duplicate images or other photo gallery issues please email me so I can fix it.

This website is intended only to pay tribute to all things rock and roll and not violate any laws copyright or otherwise. All material, art and opinions © 2003-2022 Becca Jones-Starr. If theres something on my website that's not mine and I forgot to credit please contact me to let me know.

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