bite the dust--Becca's hair styles

I am known for my constantly changing hair styles. This page is dediccated to my ever changing hair cuts and dye jobs! Hover over the picture for a description.

My hair before I cut it
Purple Chelsea
Short black hair
A hairstyle I created. Friends called it the "Emo Jew Hairstyle"
Annie Lennox inspired hair
Snow White hairstyle
Purple Mohawk with sides
Black and red mohawk
Courtney Love hairstyle
Wavy black
Chelsea Hawk
Faux Hawk
Punk hairstyle
Multi-color chelsea
Purple wedge cut
Pris inspired hairstyle
Mohawk meets side burns
Multi-color mohawk
Grassy green mohawk
Teal Hair
Purple fluffy mohawk
Long Red mohawk

Hair dying tips from Becca Jones-Starr.

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