bite the dust--Rock star crushes

Rock Star crushes

These are the musicians that I wouldn't mind getting cozy with.

Joey Ramone

Joey Ramone has always been attractive to me.
I love his pale skin and long dark hair. He IS like a poem.

Trent Reznor

Trent Reznor is what I call "A Goth girl's Brad Pitt."
He's incredibly handsome.

Glenn Danzig

Glenn Danzig was a handsome young man especially before the nose job and steroids.
Even when he got buff, which isn't ordinarily my thing, he was still hot.

Dave Gahan

Dave Gahan has a cutie pie and had feminine qualities which I like in a man.
Dave was a cutie when he was young and he grew with Depeche Mode into a hot older guy.

Marilyn Manson

I've always had a soft spot for goth guys.
The really done up ones with more make up than me.
I can't deny Marilyn Manson's allure.

David Bowie

David Bowie is sexy as Ziggy, but he never looked better than in "The Labyrinth".
He was also gorgeous in "The Man who fell to Earth."

Damon Albarn

Blur was a pretty cool band, and Damon Albarn the lead singer is a fox.
He still looks great, and now sings for Gorillaz. Hubba hubba.

Roger Waters

Roger Waters is a good looking guy.
I loved his long hair when he was young.
I'm not sure which is hotter, him or his talent.

Davy Jones

I met Davy Jones when I was a teenager and he was in his 50's.
I was still swept away by his charisma and his sweet scent.
I'd love to have a young Davy clone of my own.

Sonny Moore

I discovered Sonny through his dup step artist name "Skrillex".
I'm not really into his music (sorry sweetie) but I do love his rock and roll sense of style.
This music video with Jimmy at Trash and Vaudeville only helps me like him more.

Roger Daltrey

Roger Daltrey is a piece of man meat.
He knows this because he puts himself on display
by showing off his chest and abs all the time. Woof!

Jimmy Page

Jimmy Page was always a cutie pie and he still is.

Dave Mustaine

Dave Mustaine is my metal crush.
I think he was the main reason I was
ever interested in metal to begin with.

Paul Simonon

Paul Simonon of the Clash has
model good looks...dayyym.

Ringo Starr

I absolutely love a young Ringo Starr.
He was so adorable.

Lenny Kravitz

Handsome, talented rock and roller and great actor.
Everything he does is solid and sexy.

Henry Rollins

Henry Rollins was pretty gorgeous back when he was young.
He looked like a Roman statue of a rock star.
He's still a pretty handsome guy.

Ed Droste

Ed Droste is the hot gay lead singer for the experimental indie rock band, Grizzly Bear.
He has a very sexy voice which was what stood out to me first.
He croons much like Bobby Darren and writes his own songs.

Bradford Cox

Bradford Cox is the lead singer of Deerhunter, a band that I love.
Bradford is how I like em', tall, skinny, pale and he happens to have Marfan Syndrome
just like Joey Ramone. Brad often exaggerates his otherworldly look on stage by performing
in Victorian-style party frocks and engaging in Iggy Pop-style acts of ritual self-abasement.
This video of him performing as Joey Ramone last year sealed the deal.

Simon Lebon

Simon Lebon of Duran Duran was one of the foxiest guys
in the 80's and is the epitome of male gorgeousness.

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