bite the dust--fan mail

Fan mail & Snail mail

I've received everything from DVDs and CDs to cool art and post cards. Monkees stuff, Ramones pictures, hand made buttons and magnets. It's so fun to send and recieve packages!

Want to send mail? Email or check out our Free swag because I love sending things out too!

These are cards and letters and packages I have gotten!

Monkees bears and Monkee Mobile package from Tara! She also sent a lyrics book and Monkees piano tabs! Thank You!

Ramones CDs from Aram
Chewbacca toy and letter from Sam
Goodies from Courtney! Adam Ant magnet, Joey Ramone pin, etc
Lou Reed's "Rock and Roll Animal" and note from Steve
Thank You note from Wendy Flower
Note from Paul
My Gits contract; a signed lithograph
Gits CDs, movies and sticker from Steve
Photos and a Joey Ramone pin from Courtney
Package from Tara! David Bowie bracelet, got Bowie sticker
Note from Sean along with "The Outsiders" DVD
CDs and a record player patch from Kelly
Letter from Sarah
Ramones Valentine from Keith
Card from my Grandma
Envelope from Singapore
We're friends!
Letter and Guitar book mark from Sam
Hand made Chewbacca Birthday card
Congratulations from Sarah
Card from Sam
Congratulations from Miguel
Card from Grandpa
Graduation card from Grandma
Halloween card from Randi
2nd Halloween card from Randi
3rd Halloween card from Randi
4th Halloween card from Randi
"Becca Boo" letter from my Grandma

These are graphic gifts I have receieved over the years!

Davy Jones & Ringo Starr site protector from Emily

18th birthday from Marie
18th birthday from Katie
Gift from Catch a Star
Journal icon award
4,000th visitor at from Emily
from Laura
Valentine from Carolynne
Valentine from Katie
Valentine from Gwen
from Laura
Thank you from Laura
Guessed the song from Marie
Guessed the Beatle girl from Marie
Guessed the movie from Marie
Easter from Carolynne
Guessed the movie from Lora
Guessed the band from Lora
Guessed the band from Lora
DOMAIN OF THE MONTH from Carolynne
Get well soon from Myca
Design award from Jen
Happy Halloween from Carolynne
Happy Halloween from Lala
Merry Christmas from Carolynne
Merry Christmas from Gricel
19th birthday from Marie
Valentine from Gricel
20th birthday from Kate

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