bite the dust--retro fashion!
Retro Fashion

Here are some of the crazy things you'll find in my closet.

Sun glasses

I'm a big fan of fun $10 sun glasses! I can't see much of a point in investing in an expensive pair when I will probably only lose or break it! I like to pick up sun glasses any place I go if a pair stands out. I break them down into two catergories: Fun but functional sun glasses, and ones that are for costumes only! Although don't be surprised if you see me wearing my costume shades any time of the year!

Elvis sun glasses, John Lennon sun glasses, Joey Ramone sun glasses, a few for the Elton John collection, Aviators, Neon, and in just about every color.


As Mitch Hedberg calls them, "carnium accessories" are my favorite. My head feels naked without a hat, especially in cold weather. I love both fashionable and costume hats. I also have a decent wig collection. My favorite hats are English caps, which mostly includes, page boy and bowler caps. I also have a penchant for fuzzy animal hats with tassels. Baseball caps aren't really my thing, but I do have a few funky ones.


Scarfs tend to get in my way and fall off a lot, but they still look great and come in so many neat designs these days. I'm a big fan of the basic black and white stripe, but anything with red I'm a fan of.


T-shirts are a main staple of what I wear. You can't go wrong with a band t-shirt and a pair of jeans. I have a large shirt collection which mostly includes rock and roll and Star Wars. I have a lot of concert tees, authentic or bootleg from just about every show I've been to.


You can't beat a good quality stylish jacket that you can have for many years. That's most of what I have, demin and pleather jackets mostly picked up from all over the place! I have some jackets I bought at Trash and Vaudeville on St Mark's Place. I always need to have a jacket with me because I always feel cold (and am literally cold to the touch). Jackets keep me comfortable.


Most of my pants have been found at Goodwill and Out Of The Closet. Those are really great places to find jeans and retro style slacks. I enjoy a simple pair of fitting black pants with a colorful belt.


I've got a lot of pairs of shoes though I wouldn't consider myself a shoe enthusiast. My favorites are my most casual and comfortable converse, tennis shoes, and my super sturdy leather steel to boots. I appreciate a durable shoe. I like shoes that glitter, shine or have fun colors.

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