bite the dust--spread the word!
Spread the word!

Print out some of our promo cards or have them mailed to you

Get Bite The Dust business cards and promo material by snail mail to hand out! You can also leave them at record stores, music clubs and shops! We also have stickers to give away for promotional purposes!


* Disclaimer: I have given out stickers to other people for their own use, so I can't be held responsible for what they do with them. I try to follow the signs and city ordinances and not post signs or stickers in certain areas. And I encourage the folks who I send promo material to to do the same.

♪ Help inform the masses about our rock and roll resurrection! ♫

Here's what you can do:
Link to this site!
Get some free swag in the mail and wear it!
Tell a friend!
Like our Facebook page!
Get promo material mailed to you! OR print it out at home!

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