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This page originated with a contest we did here at Bite The Dust where we got a lot of great submissions. So many touching ones I thought we should post them. Here are stories on how people discovered and connected with rock music.

Mark Sanderson I remember listening to the great sounds of t.rex and bowie as a small child on the radio with my mum and unlike other small boys I didn't want to be batman or the bionic man they didnt play guitars. When I was 7 I saw a band on t.v that shook my world it was the sex pistols and 36 years later im still the same.along with my punk rock I totally adore the 50s pioneers my biggest regret is I will never see the hillbilly cat the real elvis presley live or gene vincent and eddie cochran. I believe rock n roll cures all a bit of rock n roll everyday will keep you young.its now nearly 60 years since elvis recorded those magical sun singles and put the demon into all of us here's to the next 60 years. Hail hail rock n roll.
Katie Cole Rock and roll is my escape. When I have a hard day I know that if I listen to some rock that I can feel better. I move with the rhythm and tap to the beat knowing that music doesn't judge me. Even though I can only escape the drama temporarily it will be in my head playing for me. Rock and roll is my one and only and I will never let it go, whether people try to take it by force, I will fight back relentlessly.
Anja Aleksic First music I heard was 'Bridges to Babylon' album by the Rolling Stones, because my dad was a fan of theirs, so he used to play the album in the car while going to picnics, vacations... That's how I liked my (still) favourite band. While growing up I loved to browse my dad's vinyls and I discovered The Doors, Hendrix, Led Zepp, Queen, The Beatles, the Kinks, Jethro Tull, C.C.Revival etc. Today I love a lot more bands and genres based on rock 'n' roll, and I also like blues (rock's father). It's only rock 'n' roll but I like it! :)
Maria Facciolo Music and me, we just go together. It started at a very young age where I saved every penny to go out and by myself a component Pioneer system unlike no other. Sound was so important. At a mere 15, I took all the $$$ I had in the bank out and stood in line with my older brother outside of Madison Square Garden to buy tickets for the first ever concert of Paul McCartney and Wings (it was the first concert after the Beatles broke up and my first concert ever!) My older brother a rock 'n roll star always in my eyes, played guitar, his bedroom was directly below mine and I fell asleep every night hearing him strumming chords of all the rock and roll greats. Yes's "Roundabout" is the one I have fondest memories of. I walked to a shopping center to buy my first record. (Quite a dangerous thing to do, shhhh, don't tell my mother). Nothing was ever better than sitting on my bed, headphones on, album in hand and scouring each liner note and each song lyric till it was completely memorized and beloved. College came and not a day went by that I didn't visit the local record store. That was the "80's and music shaped who I was and what I was about. I idolized Chrisse Hynde and Joan Jett 2 women whom are still amazing today. There is nothing better than hearing/watching live music Throughout each phase of my life music has played such an important role. There is definitely a soundtrack to my life!
Mirabeau Laing I have memories of listening to Heart, the Beatles, the Who, Pink Floyd, and others as a young child, but rock 'n' roll didn't really mean much to me until May 15, 2010. May 15, 2010 was a Saturday, and my cousin was performing in a School of Rock Ozzy Osbourne Tribute show. I hadn't heard the name "Ozzy Osbourne" until a few days before when my parents asked me if I wanted to go. Even though I still didn't know who he was, I decided to go with my mom. When the show started, I was in love. I had no clue what was going on, but I knew I liked it; I liked how loud and heavy it was, the lyrics, the way the guitarists played and moved. That was the moment when I knew I had to play guitar. About a year later, I finally got my hands on an electric guitar: a Squier Stratocaster. We bought it along with my Epiphone SG, but there was something about the Strat that I loved. It's still one of my favorite guitars of the three I currently own, the third being a Dean Razorback. I was entranced by the feel of the strings, the way it looked, the tremolo, the feel of the wood in my hands; everything about it amazed me, and still does, I'm just a lot better at playing it now. Pretty soon, I was attempting my own riffs and solos, writing my own songs. Starting my career in rock 'n' roll. Rock 'n' roll and guitars are everything to me. I love the different ways people play rock 'n' roll, whether it's blues, punk rock, or heavy metal. I love the way the musicians look and perform, whether it's the makeup of Kiss or the theatrics of Alice Cooper. I love the way guitars work, how they look, feel, and sound, what they're made of; everything about them I love and want to understand. The feeling I get from these things is one of pure joy and love. I practically live and breathe this stuff. I blast albums from bands like Slayer, the Ramones, Led Zeppelin, New York Dolls, Dead Kennedys, Sex Pistols, Metallica, Dio, Black Sabbath, Halestorm, and many others. Thanks to Facebook, I'm able to share my love of music with other people, and I couldn't be happier. I feel like I actually have a shot at making VISIBLY INVISIBLE work; like I have a chance at making it. Not everyone can say they're friends with Mickey Leigh.
Kevin Cullen Rock n roll is literally the background canvas of my life. It is the music that has been shaped nearly every significant memory and episode. From Elvis to Coldplay it has always been there and spoken up on behalf of freedom, sorrow, love, loss, victory and defeat. It has provided explanations when there were none and opened my eyes to new perspectives and ways of thinking that I never imagined. Nothing including religion has been as generative, reliable and sourceful. It automatically updates itself yet stays timeless. Rock n roll never forgets...
Sebastian Navia Hey friends of bite-the-dust! I'm a follower of the FB page too haha, well let's start with my story (sorry if my english isn't so good, I'm from Chile and here we speak spanish haha) I met rock 'n roll when I was very young, I was 4 years old when, searching somethin in my dad's room, I found a Beach Boys CD named Endless Summer, it's a compilation with the best songs of the group, when I listened the entire CD I just flipped out, i said this is amazing!, now I have a very big collection of cd's, lp's and other things of the beach boys (also, I have an autographed LP!). My mom always told me things about rock 'n roll, for example she told me when she went with her sister to a Guns 'n Roses concert only to see Axl Rose dancing and doin' things in 1992. When I was 10 years old, my mom died of cancer... I was ruined, I was so depressed and I think that i'll die, because my mother meant everything to me. Years after, my dad said to me that he had a new ''wife'', she's an amazing ''mother'' because when she was young, she was punk so she talk to me about the Ramones, the Sex Pistols and other cool musical groups, the first time I listened the Ramones I just thing woow, I'm feeling the same sensation that I fell when i listened to the Beach Boys when my mother was still alive! The rock 'n roll saved my life, the Ramones and the rock 'n roll are the reason of my life... now I'm 16 and I listened Rock every single day.. why? because every time I listen a ramones song or any rock n roll song, I can feel that my mother it's alive, the rock means everything to me because it keeps my mother's spirit alive!
Madison Frazier My name is Madison Frazier, and I am 15 years old. Rock and roll changed my life when I was very young. I was diagnosed with OCD at age 5, and had years of treatment for it. It tormented my mind, and I wished I would die. Then I remember turning on the radio one day. "Whoaaaa we're halfway there. Whoaaaa! Livin on a prayer!" Bon Jovi wailed out. That changed my whole way of thinking that day. I begin to collect classic rock and roll records of all kinds. I had posters all over my bedroom walls of my favorite bands. Paul McCartney and Joey Ramone were my idols. When I was 13, my parents got me an acoustic guitar for Christmas. I immediately began playing, and in a week's time, I already had all of the basic chords down. I could play "House of the Rising Sun" by the Animals, and "Let it Be" by the Beatles. Then, I started learning how to play keyboard and harmonica. On my 14th Christmas, I got some great new gifts. A Spectrum electric guitar, a Spectrum acoustic guitar, and two tickets to see Herman's Hermits! That spring, I formed my band called The Shades. We play local places where I live at. Ever since rock n roll stepped into my life, my whole mindset changed about everything. I have better control of my OCD, I get along with people better, and I found my true self that I had searched for all of those years. So if anyone ever asks me what is my biggest influence in life, I say rock n roll.
"What rock and roll means to me" by Becca Jones-Starr

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