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Rock Articles

Music related blog entries I have made in Fiberglass Jacket
* = most popular     Arranged from newest on top, oldest on bottom.

My Rock Book Collection
Rock n Roll Suicide: My thoughts on Chris Cornell's passing *
My Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band Album *
6 months without music: An accidental trial *
Music and Sign Language: Were U2 the pioneers?
Rock Star Deaths and Bic Lighters: The Myth and the Facts *
Horrible Histories: Bridging rock and amusing historical facts
The Who hit 50 and Pete hits 71!
That's NOT Joey Ramone *
Music products from Shark Tank *
The Punk Singer: The importance of music with a feminist message
Wont get fooled again: Photo-shopped Rock Photos *
The Gits Reunion
Why Vinyl Records Matter *
On Giving Interviews: Do your research & say thank you
Bryan Adams Reckless Tour 2015
CBGB Movie review: New York's Gorgeous Garbage
Tom Petty wins songwriting royalties, but does it make sense?
Fleetwood Mac inspired tune from Ren & Stimpy
"David Bowie is" documentary in Berkeley
Sitting here thinking of you: Joey Ramone Birthday Bash 2014 *
Rock Star Sons
The Next Day, A Year Later
Let's get "Gitsploitation" straight *
Dynamite with a laser beam: Questions for The Killer Queens! *
Drugs & Music *
The current state of Music *
The End of Zune
Shady Music People *
Halloween Show with killer tribute bands! *
Music Etiquette *
All those streets you crossed, not so long ago: When Rock Stars die *
Music Magazines, Not Beauty Magazines *
Headphone Evolution
To dance or not to dance?
True Grrl Power: Talking music with Emily Jayne of The Fashion Slaves *
The Myth of the Vagabond *
What is "Punk"? *
The Who Vs One Direction Battle of the bands on Twitter *
"Blacklisted" music
Awkward photos of me with famous people
The English Rock and Punk Rock Invasions (2004)
My first Music Interview (2004) with Shanna Morrison
Too much love will kill you: My report on Queen from 2006
Finding Music
The Gay Music Scene
When did rock and roll become "a guy's thing"?
Band Member Bullying *
Rock and Roll Remixed, and re-hashed * 10 years later *
David Bowie to release a new album this year! *
The album art of Tommy by Mike McInnerney
Republican Rock Stars
The Monkees tour 2012: Too little too late
What happened to Hot Topic?
Mark Romanek music videos
Transgender Rock Stars *
London Olympics totally oblivious: Asks Keith Moon to play
Ramones interview by Randi Marx *
Hologram Rock Stars *
Lou Reed's "Vicious" revisited
The Duck Walk
Guest blogger for The
Bands I am listening to: Holly Golightly
Why I can only date someone who is into classic rock *
Emeryville, California
On Davy Jones passing
Evidence that David Bowie is cool
SF Bay Area tribute bands
Rock N Roll Fonts!
Rock Stars and P.E.T.A.
Ziggy Stardust and Low
David Bowie's retirement *
Bands I am listening to: Deerhunter
Music Posers *
Rock Dreams
Rolling Stone Children of Rock
Misfits Vs Phil Donahue
Eddie Vedder's voice, the most emulated voice in music history?
Rock Wall
The Labyrinth audience participation guide *
Modern bands that are throw backs to older bands
My BIG Labyrinth post!
"Better to burn out than to fade away" *
David Bowie inspired Lady Gaga *
Go Mickey Leigh!
The Dark side of Oz
"Old man, look at my life. I'm a lot like you were."
Proof that rock and roll is not dead Rock isn't dead
The Best ROCK Karaoke Songs *

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