An up and coming record label dedicated exclusively to modern bands who embody that ROCK & ROLL sound.

I am passionate about music, particularly rock. Rock music has been a major influence in my life.

I have created a community called “Bite The Dust” which is an online music community of people who love rock music. Most of them are between the ages of 13-17; the same age I discovered rock and roll. I often hear people say that today's music lacks integrity. I want to give rock music back it's self respect. I know music with raw talent and substance is hard to find today but I know it exists. This is an industry that is based on a cult fan base,that's based on grass roots promotion.

Independent labels are the future of music because they aren't afraid to recreate the music business plan to work for themselves AND the artists and fans. Indie labels have fewer rights issues and can be more nimble than giant corporations. Indepdendent labels are over 30% of the music industries market share in the U.S. I will have a label that doesn't exploit artists. I am part of the music community and work with people in the music industry. I know where they're coming from, and my enthusiasm is transparent. I have a project-by-project view of success and I am personally involved in all aspects of the business.

I want to own a label as a vehicle for discovering and developing talent. Once I have all the legal technicalities out of the way I will be able to build my connections and network for talent. I am looking for bands that embody that rock and roll sound. I believe in the consistent release of quality rock music with soul. My label will make this happen.

Contact Becca Jones-Starr Beccajs@gmail.com