BJS : Becca Jones-Starr, Jonestarr Records

What is your goal with your record label?
BJS: To give music back it's integrity. To give bands that have something a chance who were over looked by bigger labels.

What king of bands are you looking for?
BJS: Bands that are raw, have a garage rock sound, write their songsm play their instruments. I have incredibly high respect for that, and that's what I want to hear. They exist, even though they aren't what they used to be.

Where do you look for these kinds of artists?
BJS: Everywhere. Because you can get your music out everywhere. On streets corners, online, lots of different venues and avenues artists can use these days.

What is the current state of the music industry in your opinion?
BJS: Corporate labels may still dominate but indie labels are slowly taking over and making their mark. I don't hear a lot of music I like, yet I'm optimistic.

Why is rock and roll so important to find and cultivate?
BJS: Because it is more prevalent than people realise. It is a genre most say is dead. Music is easy to access these days. Generations previously, even in my own, had the call radio station DJs and visit Record Stores to find out song details. Now we have the internet, Youtube, iTunes, piracy, and many other ways young people can connect to new music. And I believe that young people connect most deeply and positively with rock and roll.

Are there any current bands that really excite you?
BJS: Even though this band would probably describe themselves as "acid punk", I reallly dig The Clymaxxx. I totally think they are garage rock. If they weren't on the East Coast I'd be there label.